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This SP mod for Episode Two is currently in alpha development.

Trapped - Descent Into Darkness (referred to as "Trapped" from here), is a mod that is built entirely using material thats already available within the Hammer editor.


Trapped follows the adventure of "Nomad", Nomad is simply a name given to the character by his "Controller". The controller is of an unknown origin and chooses to take control over a person for unknown reasons. No one knows anything about the controller other than that whilst being controlled by it you are concious and aware of your surroundings and experiences, but unable to control your own motor functions. In Trapped you will take on the role of the controller who has chosen a subject for study and thus have taken control and named him "Nomad". Upon taking control of Nomad however you find yourself alone in a cold, dark, damp place. You are "Trapped" and the only way forward is to descend into the darkness.


Created by [AoD]Nekranomakon.

Mod Progress

Chapter 1 is currently under development. Chapter 1 pre-alpha has been released click the ModDB link at the bottom of the page to find out more.


Ng trapped image1.jpg Ng trapped image2.jpg Ng trapped image3.jpg Ng trapped image4.jpg Ng trapped image5.jpg Ng trapped image6.jpg Ng trapped image7.jpg Ng trapped image8.jpg Ng trapped image9.jpg Ng trapped image10.jpg Ng trapped image11.jpg


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