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This mod for Source is no longer being developed. Download its last release here.

Please Note

This mod is just a Baby, there will be many more changes to come to this page and also the "Changes" section.

We need a decent modeler/animator for various things and will be putting the word out soon enough.

This page was created for the sake of history, please do not edit anything without my permission--Jenkins08 05:19, 2 March 2009 (UTC)


The world is a wasteland, polluted by years of war, Toxic waste and mistreat. The last remnants of the human race are either herded into big mega cities, that rise WAY up into the sky (based around Blade Runner and many many Cyberpunk-esque Animes) You have the poor sector of the city, living on the ground level its dark, dismal grimey and a dense smog atmosphere. The culture is very suppressive as you'd expect with lots of bright coloured neon billboards and lights to brighten the dark days of those who call it home. (Read more below)


Written by: HitmanH

The City And Its Populous:

The world is a dieing, or dead wasteland. No life exists barely in the main parts of the world. Most people are heard into the last few remaining mega cities, huge technological nightmare constructs that engulf the landscape, thick with smog, pollution and brightly coloured lights (very neon Tokyo look). The world is run by a group of 5 people, the consorts, maintaining and overlooking every aspect of a citizens life (big brother nation). The poor are left to rot on the ground, living in dark, grimey, wet toxic filled streets, the higher up you go, the richer the people become, until the richest live at the top, breaking through the smog to see the sky and sun.

The city is very brightly lit, lots of billboards plaster every building with all sorts of slogans (products, slogans saying work up the ranks for a better way of life and so on). Most people are worked to death in factories and office complexes, working day in day out to maintain the operation of the city. Children are taken at the age of 5 and put into special schools where they are given certain tasks and objectives to find out exactly what they can do for the society, most end up working in the factories. Those that don't rise up in society as business men, computer operators engineers. Most jobs are automated, using robots ranging from cleaners, to street sweepers and so on.

The military is divided up into 2 sections. The police, very suppressive, arrogant hand fisted temperamental people. There job is purely to keep the populous to shut up. The grunts. Trained in most forms of combat, they are used to protect higher up buildings, certain skirmishes in the wasteland aswell as a form of S.W.A.T. The last are the cybernetic implanted soldiers. Quick, clean and efficient, they are used at the highest points of the city, aswell as in riots if the grunts fail. They have no mind, no emotion and are all linked by a central A.I.

Those in charge make life hell for those who live below them. The rich get everything while the poor suffer and must work for the rich. It is impossible to rise up in society unless you do very underhanded things, such as drug trafficking, body-part smuggling and just general mafia-like behavior.

The Wasteland and its populous:

The wasteland is just that, a wasteland. Broken buildings liter the landscape, all the ocean has dried up and gone, no vegetation remains save tree stumps and dead grass clumps. Rivers of slime and toxic waste litter the landscape, creating more living beings than vegetation (very Xen like). Previous war vehicles remain scattered across the landscape, aswell as broken down rotting subs, boats, battle ships and the like. Those who flee from the city end up living in underground shanty towns, most in ocean ravines and old caves. Food is stuff like rats, mice and general vermin, where there are humans there are vermin.

That is only a taste of what is to come in ToxisResiduum!


  • Dynamic Lights both for Viewmodels and Worldmodels
  • Dual Pistols
  • Over the Shoulder camera
  • Ability to drop Primary weapon
  • New impulse commands
  • Realistic Rain
  • Ingame MP3 Player (With GCF Support!)
  • Multi-threaded support
  • Custom crosshairs
  • Mod launchers
  • Texture editor
  • Mapping tools


Click here for development progress and screenshots


For a full list of changes, please visit the following Link


  • Jenkins08
  • HitmanHart

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