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This SP mod for Counter-Strike: Source is no longer being developed.


Torn was going to be a 3rd party mod that would possibly be sold on Steam.

Torn was going to be set in a wide variety of areas, among them destroyed cities. The first Chapter would have taken place in Area 51.


Torn follows the story of Jack Harrison, an ex-soldier praised for his combat abilities. Praised as the best soldier ever to fight, Jack has been sent to Area 51 to arm him with the machinery and equipment that the scientists of Area 51 have spent so long creating, ready for the battle that the employees of Area 51 have bene dreading for so long. A batallion of unknown alien ships are hurtling towards the Earth, abducting humans and taking them away to be cloned and experimented upon, eventually building the most destructive army ever to set foot on the Earth's surface.

However, not all experiments were successful, so the hybrids were healed, equipped with a dumb mechanical brain, armed with a chunk of metal and sent to the Earth in meteor type vessels, each containing a small group of the creatures. Due to the rag covering their true identity, these are known as Shroudlings.

The invasion of these creatures startled the citizens of Earth, and their only hope lies on Jack Harrison, and the army of cybernetic Humans that Area 51 have been cloning rapidly.


  • First-person shooter action.
  • World War 3 as seen through the eyes of the reknowned Jack Harrison.
  • An arsenal of high-tech military weapons, along with a miniature section of alien technology.
  • Cybernetic soldiers that can be commanded.



  • Combat .44 - 5-shot revolver
  • M67 - Frag Grenade
  • P226 - Handgun
  • P90 - Sub Machine-gun
  • M249a - Light Machine-gun
  • Halligan bar - Heavy steel melee weapon
  • Combat knife - Sharp-edged melee weapon
  • 870P1 - Pump-action shotgun

Hybrid Enemies

  • Shroudling - Dumb, weak mutant. The failures.

Open positions

The Torn development team are currently looking for people skilled in the following departments:

  • Coding
  • Character/Weapon animation
  • Texture artist (Both model and world textures)
  • Prop modelling
  • Character modelling
  • Voice acting
  • Level designer (Does not involve mapping, just helping design the actual levels.)


The current team is:

  • Aaagreen - Project leader, Lead mapper, content supplier.
  • Sabaton - Secondary project leader, Graphics artist.

External links


You can contact the project leader of Torn (whether it's for questions, applications or your thoughts on the mod) at [email protected].