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This single-player mod for Half-Life is currently in alpha development.


Theoretical Disaster is a Spirit of Half-Life modification, created by Dimbark, copyright Spark Plug Studios.


The weaponry will consist of several custom weapons, such as the chainsaw, the hammer, and the AK47. It will also have most of the classic HL Files, using an HD pack of remodelled Barney Calhoun arms. The game will take place almost about an hour or two from where Gordan is, so we're keeping the weaponry simple.

The Chainsaw The chainsaw is a weapon that does not run on any type of ammo. Instead of plasma, or bullets(?) we decided it will run on the suit's power. Since the player is wearing a labcoat, they put on this battery much like the ones in Half Life. With that battery, they can either charge it with more batteries, or plug it into HEV chargers.

The AK-47 We are currently working on the ak47 model as well as the chainsaw model, all we have right now is a retextured copy from Night at the Office as the substitute. After doing research, we discovered Ak47s use different types of ammo than the player's weapons. We created a new ammo, and we lazily named it AK-47 Ammo.

The Hammer The hammer is also being modelled, right now we have a substitute of "The Ban Hammer". The chainsaw and the hammer are the player's two melee weapons (so far) and will be replacing the crowbar. Gordan uses the crowbar, OP4 had the right idea, Blue Shift stole the idea and was horrible. The hammer will be having custom sound effects as well, the crowbar sound would be too "convinient".

The Character

SUBJECT: Wilson Bennett, Male, Age 29

EDUCATION: MIT, Theoretical Physics, SWAT Training

POSITION: Research and Processing Assistant

ASSIGNMENT: Materials Handling



DISASTER RESPONSE PRIORITY: Subject Emergency Protection

Chapter Information

BLACK MESA TRAM: This tram ride will be only a few seconds long, because he has been in the storage sector for a while and is far far away from his dormitories.

DELIVERY PACKAGE: You receive the specimen in your sector and send it to the Anomalous Materials Laboratory for more processing.

MAINTINENCE ACCESS: While on your way back to your dormitories, you notice that the tram is not at the station anymore, so you walk on a catwalk to another sector to wait for the tram, and it happens.... the RC. After being pushed off the catwalk by a bullsquid, you awake somewhere in the slums of Black Mesa.

TESTLAB SPECIMEN: After fighting off a couple of headcrabs and houndeyes, you make it into a testlab where you see where aliens are being contained.

"PORTALS?": This is the chapter where in the laboratory, a scientist named Robinson, teaches the player about portals and how they seem to work.

INJUSTICE: The military comes in this chapter, where the player will be shot at. This part will be inside a shipping dock, still inside.

CONTAMINATION: THE SURFACE!!!! Sadly, the military is currently at war with the aliens at the shipping yard, and they are trying to bomb you. You have to release an alien-like toxic liquid to kill everybody on the field, ruining the area.

STUDIED PHYSICS: Back in the depths of a laboratory, a couple of soldiers here and there, and a couple of bullsquids, islaves, headcrabs, ect.

BATTLEFIELD: Back outside, this is where you really kill millions of soldiers in the desert, airstrikes everywhere.

TACTICAL OPERATONS: Almost the same as battlefield, only you take over settlements and use their advantages to take over other bases.

DOOMED POTENTIAL: Knocked out by a military grunt with a big wrench, who was working on building something mechanical, you are unconcious. However, several aliens ruin it and kill all soldiers in the area. When they teleport away, you end up teleported with them in the alien planet, when you first meet the alien grunt.

INTO THE HEAT: Escaped back to Earth, you are once again fighting the military and the new race you discovered of military grunts.

DOWN THE DRAIN: Going through deep tunnels and puddles, you are desperatley trying to stay underwater until you are bombed by military jets.

MILITARY INSTRUCTIONS: After taking over a military camp, you hear on a radio to forget about freeman, and you escape off into the more mechanical parts of Black Mesa.

"BLACK OPERATIONS?": What were the military soldiers building in Doomed Potential? I KNOW! They were building a secret weapon that you have to survive. After destroying most of it, your not the one to finish it off.... Black Operations comes and bombs it and you are left to fight them off.

ALIEN WORLD: After all of the Black Operations are gone and dead, you re-enter the Black Mesa Complex and get teleported to the alien world once again by Robinson.

GENERATIONS: Fighing every alien known to man, you destroy generations of aliens.

LYDA'S LAIR: The final boss fight with Lyda.... Lyda is a very fast creature, bullets are too slow. You have to use explosives and whatever you could get from the military. After Lyda is destroyed, you are teleported as it tries to escape back to where you were in the beginning, but staning over the pit you fell in, it was nightime, and everything was destroyed. Lyda runs up to a mysterious man with a suitcase and gives a moan is it limps and falls in death. The gman then looks at you and drops you down the bottomless-pit saying "You're not supposed to be here."


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