The Ship Single Player: Creating Chapters

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Note.png Note: For the sake of this article, MODDIR represents your mod's directory name.
Note.png Note: For the sake of this article, # represents the chapter number you are making.

You'll probably want to use this article as a more thorough reference of a similar task.


Intro/outro maps only need a map command.


Intro/outro maps do not need one of these.

The "mission" key corresponds to one more than the number of missions preceding the target mission in scripts\sp\mission_obj.txt.


This image should be scaled to 256x128 from 152x86.

materials\vgui\chapters\chapter#.vmt & materials\vgui\chapters\chapter#.vtf

The texture should be 256x128 with the 152x86 image embedded at the top left.

resource\MODDIR_english.txt (and other languages)

The chapter name should go in here with the string name as MODDIR_Chapter#_Title