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About The Development Project is a Half-Life 2: Episode 2 modification purely made out of manipulated Dev textures as a project for those that enjoy the simplicity of the original measuring textures created by valve scattered throughout the map but also enjoy all the effects, adventures and creativity of regular mods.

Pushing Three Years into possibly the slowest production of this modification now known as 'The Development Project', it's still under construction with a fully re-written storyline, new level design concepts and being pointed into the right direction of which will lead to a faster and better continuation of the project where more updates in the future will follow for those that are interested in this modification.

Mission Create a reanimated engine of half-life 2 and build a world made completely from dev textures alongside customized npcs and materials which will eventually come across a well known and original mod known as The Development Project.

Company Overview This game could end up really anywhere, after how long it's been in the making for it has no expectations as to where it could end up but atm we are just enjoying the production of this mod as its a learning experience as well as a way to learn more about the world of game modification whilst making something that people will one day enjoy.


The Development Project will feature in worlds created purely from manipulated dev textures to create dynamic environments such as destruction.

Many custom props that both blend into the environment that will also be made destructible.

More to come...


The Development Project was originally started in September 2008 as a prison break out and zombie infestation game along side the team members of Wireframe of which at the time all only knew the level designing side of game design.

Soon the game slowed down when productive proved ineffective over the idea of only level design being in the process of completion. Mapster didn't like the idea of creating a mod from only maps, so he soon began learning how to model, which took up a lot of time and effort which was where the mod slowly began to die and the members split up due to no communication and problems occurring overpowering the production of the game.

Mapster still pushed his way through learning all sides of game design till this day working on level design, coding, skinning and modeling in the simplest ways but slowly improves over time. This of course leads to what the mod is as of this momenet with breakable props, custom models, new material types and many variations of dev textures all scattered throughout the game creating a environment thats as original as possible.

The Team

As of April 2012

Project Leader Mapster

Graphic Designer Sheepykipz

Music Makers MtM0201

Beta Testers Joure, Dec, Mac, Ferret

Voice Actors DukeRobear, Dr.Doozer, Shinobi-Kitten

Special Thanks To: Darkness_Called, Bigglesworth, Discrate, Dec, Razura, Ferret, mtm0201, Happy^Camper, Cruckz.


If you are interested in joining in the creation of TDP, contact Mapster with some proof of your latest work in any of the links located in External Links at the bottom of the page.

We are always interested in seeing new work from other enthusiastic members!


bloodpreview_3.pngBlood Preview

dev_corridoortest0013.1.jpg Fire Concept

dev_pool_020000.jpgPool Concept

Release Date

As of this moment, there is NO release date, but an alpha release is in the consideration for those that want to join in on the creations of maps using the textures and props for TDP, this of course is TBA.

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