The Aperture Mesa Incident

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The Aperture Mesa Incident
Aperture Mesa Small JPG2.jpg
Formed Oct 2008
Status Dead
Revolution Studios
Mapping, Coding, Finalising Chapter One
Beta Testing None so far
Ready for Launch None so far

Skull and crossbones.png

This mod for Source is no longer being developed.

Are you ready to enter the MaDness?


The Aperture Mesa Incident is a Mod which will focus on the area around Aperture Science. You are Abi, a resistance member who is on an experience day with Aperture Science but while she is having fun in the testchmbers, odd occurances start to appear all over the area, and as a member of the Resistance, armed with the new upgraded skinable portalgun, you set out to stop them. On your journey you will see how the Aperture Science Military Androids come into being and how the hardware of Aperture Science really works.

What's New?


Chapter 1 Point of Origin 50% complete

Chapter 2 Mind Games

Chapter 3 Parasitic Invasion

Chapter 4 Border Patrol

Chapter 5 On to the Highways

Chapter 6 Welcome to City 42

Chapter 7 Free Runner

Chapter 8 Industrial Revolution

Chapter 9 Reunion

Chapter 10 Devil's Point

Chapter 11 Power Down

Chapter 12 Production Line

Chapter 13 Enter the MaDNeSS


07 February 2009 The chapter list has been released to give a better idea of progress. Also we have decided to extend te first chapter to give a tutorial on how to use the portal gun.

28 January 2009 The new particles/portals are now up and running and they look great, also the first chapter is almost completed.

14 January 2009 sorry it's been so long but glitch after glitch have stopped the game from working so we are starting again from square 1. Over the weekend I will get the 'content mod' for portal and remake all of my maps to check, then we can carry on.

17 November 2008 The new game screen is working and I can access the 2nd and third maps but the first won't play ball... Ah well.

9 November 2008 Maps still won't load and the new game menu is still empty, any help will be appreciated, put it on the discussion page

3 November 2008 Yay! the menu screen has finally decided to make an apperance, for those out there having the same problems, compile it in release (duh!!!). But still no chapters on new game menu, hmm.....

26 October 2008 This page was finalised and tided up for the main progress of the Mod. I am hoping that Chapter One will be finished by the end of November.