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Creates an inline note.

Parameters and Examples

Parameter Description Example Preview
{{{1}}} and {{{2}}} Bug and its fix.
{{ModernBugfix}} Hello, World!
{{ModernBugfix|This is an example text.}}
{{ModernBugfix|This is an example text.|This is an example text.}}
Hello, World!
Bug.pngBug:This is an example text.
Bug.pngBug:This is an example text.
Note.pngFix:This is an example text.

Known Bugs of Modern Notes

  • The beginning of the list breaks if the note starts with it (for example, {{ModernNote|* Line 1}}).
  • Specifying the text inside the note will move it under the list (for example, # {{ModernBug|Line 1}}).
PlacementTip.gifWorkaround: Use HTML lists instead.
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