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This template allows you to post topic comments on discussion pages with a prettier design.

Copy and Paste

{{Message | user = {{SUBST:REVISIONUSER}} | time = {{SUBST:#time:G:i, j M Y|now}} | <your message here> }}

Parameters and Examples

(* Required)
Description Example Preview
*{{{user}}} Loads an avatar (UserAvatar-<user>.png) and signs a comment (without a timestamp).
Note.pngNote:The value must be exactly the same as the user’s name, including spaces and case sensitivity.
| user = Gabe Newell
Gabe Newell CEO of ValveTimestamp not defined
Is this what you’ve been waiting for? Say “One, two… and four”!
*{{{time}}} Timestamp written after the nickname. The input value is a function that defines the time in UTC+0. After saving, the #time function will be converted to a regular date. Don’t change the #time function.
Note.pngNote:Don’t use tildes, use only this: {{SUBST:#time:G:i, j M Y|now}}
| time = {{SUBST:#time:G:i, j M Y|now}}
Undefined user16:00, 29 March 2021 (UTC)
Hello, World!
{{{edited}}} Date and time of editing. Note that changes in the code, such as correcting the parameter name, should not be taken into account when using {{{edited}}}.
| edited = 12:34, 1 Dec 2020
Undefined userTimestamp not defined(edited)
Hello, World!
* {{{1}}} or {{{text}}} The text of your message.

The second option is needed in cases when the text is not displayed for various reasons (for example, when <div></div> is used in the text)

Tip.pngTip:If you are posting an image, it's recommended that it shouldn't exceed 200px or more, to prevent making it look messy and slowing down internet connections for some users (unless they click/tap on it manually to view the image fully).
Note.pngNote:This was also used in the examples above and below, but was not shown.
| My sweet message!
| text = My sweet message!
Undefined userTimestamp not defined
My sweet message!
{{{reply}}} The solution to your question.
| reply = Another person’s text is written here.
Undefined userTimestamp not defined
And this is your sweet message.

Included Subpages

Below are the subpages that are used by this template for better code readability or something else.