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Brightness (1 - 255) (renderamt) <integer>
Misleading name; beam alpha. Invisible when set to 0.
Beam Color (R G B) (rendercolor) <color255>
Beam color.
Damage/second (damage) <string>
How much damage this beam does per second to things it hits when it is continually on, or instantaneously if it strikes. For continuous damage, the value should be greater than 10 or it may not work.
Note:Damage is scaled to the difficulty setting:
  • Easy: 50%
  • Normal: 100%
  • Hard: 150%
HDR color scale (HDRColorScale) <float>
Value to multiply sprite color by when running in HDR mode.
Beam clipping (ClipStyle) <choices>
Select whether you want the beam to clip against geometry or characters.
  • 0: Do not clip (default)
  • 1: Clip to geometry
  • 2: Clip to everything solid
Dissolve Type (dissolvetype) <choices>
If this beam damages and kills something, effects to show around the object.
  • -1: None
  • 0: Energy
  • 1: Heavy Electrical
  • 2: Light Electrical
Amount of noise (0-255) (NoiseAmplitude) <float>
The amount of noise in the beam. 0 is a perfectly straight beam, while the maximum is very jagged. Range: 0 to MAX_BEAM_NOISEAMPLITUDE.
Note:The name says the maximum is 255, but by default the maximum value is 64. Values higher than 64 will default to 64.
Sprite Name (texture) <sprite>
The material used to draw the beam.
Texture Scroll Rate (0-100) (TextureScroll) <integer>
Rate at which the beam texture should scroll along the beam. Range: 0 to MAX_BEAM_SCROLLSPEED.
Starting Frame (framestart) <integer>
The frame to start the beam texture on.