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Search Range for Busy Hints (busysearchrange) <float>
Maximum distance between an actbusy hint and NPC for the NPC to consider it.
Visible Busy Hints Only (visibleonly) <boolean>
If set, an NPC will only consider actbusy hints in view when deciding which to use. Once the choice has been made it will not change, even if new hints become visible.
Actbusy Type (type) <choices>
Is this Actbusy part of combat? For use with Combat Safe Zone.
  • 0: Default (Standard)
  • 1: Combat
Allow actor to teleport? (alllowteleport) <boolean>
Sight Entity (seeentity) <targetname>
Optionally, if the Actor playing the ActBusy loses sight of this specified entity for an amount of time defined by Sight Entity Timeout, the specified entity will leave the ActBusy.
Note.png Note: Only targetnames are allowed, not classnames!
Sight Entity Timeout (seeentitytimeout) <float>
Time in seconds to wait for an Actor to see the Sight Entity again before the entity may leave the ActBusy.
Sight Enemy Method (sightmethod) <choices>
How to determine if the Actor sees the Sight Entity.
  • 0: Default. LOS -and- Viewcone.
  • 1: LOS Only. Disregard Viewcone.
Combat Safe Zone (safezone) <targetname>
Specify a brush entity to act as a safe zone if Actbusy Type is set to Combat. If any enemies are in the safe zone, the actbusy will break. To do: Will actors go back to the actbusy once enemies are dead? What if they leave the safe zone but are still alive?