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Source 2 Light2:

Enable <void>
Turn on the light.
Disable <void>
Turn off the light.
Toggle <void>
Toggle the light.
SetColor <color255>
Set the light's color.
SetColorTemperature <float>
Set the light's color temperature in Kelvin.
SetBrightness <float>
Set the light's brightness in EV.
SetBrightnessScale <float>
Set the light's brightness multiplier, which defaults to 1.
SetStyle <string>
separated list of styles from light_styles.vdata to play in sequence. The last entry will loop. The last style can be 'on'/'off' to enable/disable the light with no light style.
SetFogStrength <float>
Set the fog strength.
SetFogScale <float>
Set the fog multiplier, which defaults to 1.