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  • l4d2=1 shows inputs that are for l4d2 only. Similar ones are in CSGO, but they do not work!
  • preasw=1 hides SetAnimationNoReset and FadeAndKill.DynamicProp:
SetAnimation <string>
Forces the prop to play the named animation.
SetDefaultAnimation <string>
Changes the animation played when not in a random/forced sequence.
SetPlaybackRate <float>
Sets the framerate at which animations are played.
Hides the prop through EF_NODRAW. The Disable input does the exact same thing.
Shows the prop (by removing EF_NODRAW). The Enable input does the exact same thing.
Tells the prop to no longer be solid.
Tells the prop to become solid again.
SetAnimationNoReset <string> (New with Alien Swarm)
Force the prop to play an animation unless the prop is already playing the animation. The parameter should be the name of the animation.
FadeAndKill  (New with Portal 2)
Fade out then remove this prop.