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HL:A BasePropPhysics:

Min Damage to Hurt (minhealthdmg) <integer>
The prop will ignore any damage events if the damage is less than this amount.
Shadow Cast Distance (shadowcastdist) <integer>
Physics Impact Damage Scale (physdamagescale) <float>
Scales damage energy when this object is hit by a physics object. NOTE: 0 means this feature is disabled for backwards compatibility.
Set to 1.0 for materials as strong as flesh, smaller numbers indicate stronger materials.
Impact damage type (Damagetype) <choices>
Value Description
0 Blunt
1 Sharp

Damaging it Doesn't Push It (nodamageforces) <choices>
Used to determine whether or not damage should cause the brush to move.
Value Description
0 No
1 Yes

Accept damage from player held objects (acceptdamagefromheldobjects) <boolean>
Set to true so the player can bash this with held props.

Scale Factor For Inertia (inertiaScale) <float>
Scales the angular mass of an object. Used to hack angular damage and collision response.
Mass Scale (massScale) <float>
A scale multiplier for the object's mass.
Health Level to Override Motion (damagetoenablemotion) <integer>
Health Level to Override Motion" : 0 : "If specified, this object will start motion disabled. Once its health has dropped below this specified amount, it will enable motion.
Physics Impact Force to Override Motion (forcetoenablemotion) <float>
If specified, this object will start motion disabled. Any impact that imparts a force greater than this value on the physbox will enable motion.

Sound to make when punted (puntsound) <sound>

AI AddOn (addon) <string>
If specified this object will use this addon behavior when installed in a composite AI
interactAs <string>
comma-separated list of interaction layers
Force Nav Ignore (forcenavignore) <boolean>
If set, NPCs will ignore this prop when navigating.
Force NPC Exclude (forcenpcexclude) <boolean>
If set, NPC movement will ignore this prop
Auto Convert back from Debris (auto_convert_back_from_debris) <boolean>
If set, this prop will automatically convert back to interactive debris after coming to rest as Debris.