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Template for denoting file information. This includes a description, permission and author notices, file source, date of upload and more.

Copy and Paste

{{File info | description = | permission = | source = | author = | date = }}

Parameters and Examples

Parameter Description Example
{{{description}}} Basic file information
| description = Lorem ipsum
{{{date}}} File date of upload
| date = Jan 1, 1970
{{{source}}} File source
| source = [[WP:File:Example.jpg]]
{{{author}}} File author
| author = Example
{{{permission}}} File permissions; i.e.: licensing and trademark terms.
| permission = {{copyright|license=ccbysa}}
{{{other}}} Other similar files (on this wiki)
| other = [[File:Example.jpg]]
{{{notes}}} Additional notes
| notes = Foo bar