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Inserts an emoji. These are designed to be more consistent across platforms, and to support systems such as Windows 7 (without KB2729094 update), Mac OS X 10.6, and older (unless they install the emoji font manually), previous version of iOS and Android (even despite most of them are out of support) and other OS that are still supported, but no longer received emojis update, such as Windows 10 (since 2019), aswell as various other browsers that doesn't display emojis correctly.

Currently this wiki only support PNG, which means there are only PNG emojis, so they may take a while to load compared to SVG or Unicode, and may look blurry if zoomed in over 150% or more, but regardless, it should work.

Note.pngNote:Twitter emojis were taken as a basis for the standard Unicode emojis, distributed for free through the GitHub repository.

This can also be used to insert custom emoji, such as {{Emoji|gaben}} or {{Emoji|clipguy}}, for casual use such as on talk pages.

Note.pngNote:To use a JPG or GIF as an emoji, create a redirect using the PNG file extension. This can also be used to create new emoji from other pre-existing images, without uploading duplicate files (ex File:Emoji-trigger.png for {{Emoji|trigger}}).

Parameters and Examples

Name Description Example Preview
{{{1}}} Emoji name.
{{{2}}} Emoji size (24px, 32px, 48px) (default is 16px).
{{Emoji|chipmunk}} {{Emoji|chipmunk}} {{Emoji|chipmunk}}
{{{skin}}} Changes skin color if possible.
{{Emoji|thumbup}} {{Emoji|thumbup}} {{Emoji|thumbup}} {{Emoji|thumbup}} {{Emoji|thumbup}}

List of emoji

Custom emotes


{{Emoji|clipguy}} {{Emoji|gaben}} {{Emoji|lightbulb}} {{Emoji|obsolete}} {{Emoji|trigger}} {{Emoji|vac}}
clipguy gaben lightbulb
obsolete trigger vac



Standard Unicode emoji


{{Emoji|sob}} {{Emoji|blush}} {{Emoji|relieved}} {{Emoji|yum}} {{Emoji|fwre}} {{Emoji|fwm}} {{Emoji|sunglasses}} {{Emoji|smirk}} {{Emoji|disappointed}} {{Emoji|confused}}
sob blush relieved yum fwre fwm
sunglasses smirk disappointed confused
{{Emoji|thinking}} {{Emoji|hushed}} {{Emoji|face_exhaling}} {{Emoji|sneeze}} {{Emoji|ja_goblin}} {{Emoji|ghost}} {{Emoji|skull}} {{Emoji|thumbup}} {{Emoji|thumbdown}} {{Emoji|ok_hand}}
thinking hushed face_exhaling sneeze ja_goblin ghost skull thumbup thumbdown ok_hand
{{Emoji|point_left}} {{Emoji|point_right}} {{Emoji|eyes}}
point_left point_right eyes






{{Emoji|cart}} {{Emoji|cartw}} {{Emoji|camera}} {{Emoji|cwf}} {{Emoji|bulb}} {{Emoji|tv}} {{Emoji|tools}} {{Emoji|package}} {{Emoji|clipboard}}
cart cartw camera cwf bulb tv tools package clipboard