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This template is designed to add a block with rounded corners with text inside.

Parameters and Examples

Parameter Description Example Preview
No parameters Reverts to default styling
{{{1}}} or {{{text}}} For text input
{{Capsule|Hello, world!}}
{{Capsule|text=Hello, world!}}
Hello, world!
Styling parameters
{{{align}}} For specifying text alignment
{{Capsule|Hello, world!|align=left}}
{{Capsule|Hello, world!|align=center}}
{{Capsule|Hello, world!|align=right}}
Hello, world!
Hello, world!
Hello, world!
{{{bg}}} Background value
{{{radius}}} For setting the border radius
{{{padding}}} Padding value
{{{margin}}} Margin value
{{Capsule|margin=0 1em}}
{{{height}}} For specifying capsule height
{{{style}}} Used to change preset styling of the capsule.