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Note.pngNote:If you want to report user, use the {{Report user}} template (more info can be found on the template).

This template is used on user pages in order to notify other users that a user has been blocked/banned from editing on the wiki.

You can add this to user page and the user talk page aswell (only put the latter with {{{nocat}}} parameter on it to prevent adding talk pages to the category).


This template uses a strings subpage
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Testcases for this template can be located on the testcases subpage.

Parameters and Examples

Parameter Description Example
No Parameters Use this if the user has been banned for multiple reasons.
{{Banned user}}
{{{reason}}} Select reasons why this user has been banned. Icons will be also changed by the same parameter.
{{Banned user|reason=termsofuse}}
{{{status}}} For specifying the status of a ban/block.
{{Banned user|status=previously}}
{{{user}}} If used with reason=sock, set the username of the user who just recently got banned for ban evasions or creating sockpuppet account for inappropriate purposes.
{{Banned user|reason=sock|user=[[User:Example]]}}
{{{note}}} Add additional notes. (Optional)
{{Banned user|note=Banned by [[User:Example]], {{Lorem ipsum}}}}
{{{nocat}}} To prevent the adding of the Category:Banned Users category. Does not change anything visibly. Only use this if you want to preview the template.
{{Banned user|nocat=1}}


This user has been banned for an unspecified reason, such as Wikipedia icon spamming, Wikipedia icon vandalism, Wikipedia icon copyright violations, Wikipedia icon sockpuppetry, Wikipedia icon edit warring, trolling or Wikipedia icon harassment, and/or violating the Valve Developer Community's Terms of Use along with other misbehavior.
Note.pngNote:The template will automatically load the content according to the interface language.