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Looks very, very nice, and also a good team! :D Is there a deadline for this game? Since I'm currently working on another MOD, for which I'm making a map right now. But if I have it finished, could I make a map for this MOD? It looks promising. --CrabbyData 11:45, 22 Jun 2006 (PDT)

Sure man, we'd love to see what you can whip up for ZP Source! Just follow the link to our forums and post screenshots there, we'll critique it and possibly playtest it to give you any suggestions if you would like. Great to see interest in the public. -frikazoyd
Ok :D I've registered and posted a message (here). I just got one minor screenshot of my de_crabby: Image:De crabby preview screenshot.PNG It's taken in Valve Hammer (level editor), So it doesn't look al tó well :P --CrabbyData 00:11, 23 Jun 2006 (PDT)

When will the forums go back up I have a update for maps avalible and I am going to put the link up on the forums along with a tutorial on how to increase player speeds which can be used to make more game modes. I am currently working on some more game modes that are bult into the map such as fat zombie which is a game mode good for small maps for chances of both teams winning if done in a big map it will cause problems with humans winning everytime.But anyways When is the forums going back up because I probly need to talk about it on there instead. September 23, 2008 -undeadbobop

Player speed increase or decrease/ making map chats

change player speed 2008 september 18 -undeadbobop

I am adding human speed to all my zp1 remakes which I have and I have made a update and realesed them on two severs unforchently on one sever 1/3 maps does not work. I am working on the next update with player speed modifications I am able to create different game play and more game modes. The ones I have already started is fat zombie. I am thinking of making a runing race game mode the zombies will have to move slightly slower then the humans because they can lunge ahead other wise. I will make a tutorial on how to modify players speed if you make them slow they move in slow motion if they move fast they move in fast motion everything changes when you modify the player speed on my zp1 remakes the weapons became stronger in kick back for when you hit a zombie. The first fat zombie map is called florine it will be in a map pack called "Whats The Matters?" each map will be named a element off of the periodic table. Depending on the game modes it will determine how many maps I realese and how many of them will just be fun maps. The only map in that map pack that will not be named a element will be a monkey map that I have been designing for about a month almost. -september 23,2008 -undeadbobop

Domain name

Apperently either the ZPS team has changed there domain name or someone took the same domain name because every time you try to go on the website it brings you to another site that is not zps it happens with any url from the zombie panic site

Happens for me too. Maybe they're switching server or summing, now they have Steamworks :) --Craziestdan 08:17, 5 Oct 2008 (PDT)