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Is this wiki still going to be used now that the beta has gone final? I hope so as I have gotten much better results by reporting bugs here than going through the valve support system. Not only does it take several months just to get a response that way, but it also doesn't get any results. It took about two days to get a resolution to a problem this way whereas waiting about over a year now through valves support system didn't get anywhere. I hope to see a similar wiki setup for bugs found in valves first party games as well as it has proven to be quite successful here IMO. —AlphaWolf

We'll see—ts2do (talk) 05:49, 12 Oct 2005 (PDT)

I think we should have some kind of standardised bug layout and not just use bullet points. ^Ben 17:09, 11 Oct 2005 (PDT)

Like so if possible? (talk) 18:18, 11 Oct 2005 (PDT)

It's looking and working great. --wisemx 14:51, 6 Oct 2005 (PDT)

It's a little disappointing to see the 'monitor' window being dumped completely from the STEAM interface. Is that going to be put back in in the full release? --Tagert 03:04, 11 Oct 2005 (PDT) (Forgot to sign it :( )

I would also like monitor back —Agret 23:10, 10 Oct 2005 (PDT)

  • Looks like it is as of the October 11th 11:51 build. View->Bandwidth Monitor.

What are the bugs from that this is talking about?—ts2do (talk) 17:59, 6 Oct 2005 (PDT)

Start "steam.exe -clientbeta betaui" - new beta steam UI.

Someone should go through the bug list. I see plenty of "bugs" that are technically suggestions (IE: such-and-such doesn't have the new skin). - The_MAZZTer 10-07-05 2:38p EDT


  • It might behoove the developers to put a note somewhere instructing each person to append their name to their bug report line so that the developers at least have a point of contact. Just my two cents. —AlphaWolf
  • Right click on the toolbar steam icon, pick games, and get a little hierarchical sub-menu with all the games. Directly launch without having to open games window. Beats having to open up the whole UI, especially for the more "obscure" things like the SDK.
  • Have the favorites for each game be available for direct access when you right click on a game in the game window. Single player games could offer saved games instead of server favorites.
  • Small menu accessable via toolbar does not match the UI layout/flow of the application when open. Menu is "Games, Friends, Servers, Settings, News, Exit" whereas Steam UI in main window is "Store, My games, Tools" plus "News, Friends, Servers, Settings, Support". They would benefit from having a similar order. Also placing "missing" options (news, store, tools, support) into shortcuts toolbar menu would help streamline things. Having support in popup toolbar menu could also encourage more visits to the support site.
  • Add the possibility to remove the game not wanted (Hide Game on right click)
  • Add the possibility to the 3 rd party mod to add custom icon and official mod url site.
    • Agreed - it would be great to have that info be in the gameinfo.txt or some such file in the 3rd party mod, so if installed it would automatically show up in Steam.
      • If you add the keys "developer" and "developer_url" to the gameinfo.txt, they should show up in the UI - please test.
        • Works, seems to require reload of Steam to refresh the information.
        • Can this be done with HL1 third party mods as well?
    • Some mods have a custom icon, but Steam never loads it. Weird how they were included anyways, unless Steam supported them before I started using it?
  • Organize "My games" list into a tree of collapsable groups of similar games.
  • Option to see the Tools entries in the small view, as before.
  • Split the 3rd party mods away once again from the offical games keeping the menu looking simply/easy to use.
  • As noted above, the monitor option should not be taken away. It's a huge help to be able to see what Steam is actually doing in the background. Besides, I think we have a right to know what's going on with our network connections.  :) —escher
    • It's been merged with the expanded My Games tab.
      • I noticed this, however I would still prefer to have the original 'monitor' window back. I preferred it that way. --Tagert 03:02, 11 Oct 2005 (PDT)

Gleeful clapping of hands

  • Ah, the store looks much better in this second version of the beta. —Maven (talk)
  • No more clutter with seeing "coming soon" or "now available" games that you don't care about ever playing. Outstanding! I hope it stays this way. —AlphaWolf 18:01, 7 Oct 2005 (PDT)
  • I dig it.--[email protected] 15:18, 9 Oct 2005 (PDT)
  • I love the idea of having stuff like this released early in beta so the community can help thrash out the bugs; I hope we see more stuff released under -clientbeta in the future.
    • I would prefer a beta testing area put into the steam ui itself where you can view and test beta's —Agret 23:02, 10 Oct 2005 (PDT)
  • I like the new layout much. Good job there. I agree with the earlier testing though - it's still a bit rough here and there. :) Captain P


Mon October 10th, 2005

  • Boxes appear after a word in the games list such as after Third-party and 100%-Ready [Duplicate]
  • Same happened to me, only after this mornings update though.
  • this bug illustrated
  • This also happens in the server window.
  • Log into Steam with a cybercafe enabled account. Make sure "Remember my password" is UNCHECKED at login. Then click the "Change user..." button. The title of the box that pops up is "#Steam_CyberCafe_FeatureLocked_Title".
  • Launch Options are not saved to the registry --FishBrainX 21:27, 9 Oct 2005 (PDT)
    • They never were
  • Store shows %footer% when viewed through steam. --FishBrainX 21:05, 9 Oct 2005 (PDT)
  • Selecting a drive's root as the backup folder causes steam to stop responding. (I.E. C:\ or D:\)
  • Right-clicking a tab acts as though you've right clicked a game in the game/tools list.
  • Starting up the SDK says "Preparing to play Source SDK..." Saying "play" with a tool is.... weird.
    • Yea it was like this on the old Steam too, hope they change this but then I won't be able to crack jokes to my friends about how fun a game Dedicated Server is. One guy actually asked for a screenshot. —Agret
  • Links to third party mod home pages should open up in the user's default browser, not in Internet Explorer.
    • This does not occur for me. Links open in my default browser (Firefox) as such it sounds like something on your system that is causing this. —Agret
      • Old steam and this steam also use IE for me, all other programs use firefox as they should.[Smurf]
      • This is a longstanding issue for me too. Firefox is my default browser, yet steam uses IE. [segarch]
        • Yes this is an issue for me. Half of the links on Steam will open in IE due to it's excessive use of the IE control however this doesn't occur on Third Party mod homepages —Agret
          • Actually it does happen. I thought you were referring to on your games list but I see you ovbiously meant through the store. The only way to get around this problem would be for valve to put in a URL launching steam: url thing so they make link to something like steam:"launchpage" anyway I got it to reproduce. —Agret
            • Make sure Fx is set as your default in Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs > Set Program Access and Defaults.
  • In the login window pressing AltGr+V (to get an @ in there) while using hungarian keyboard layout will paste in the content of the clipboard after the @.
    • This is likely caused by AltGr translating to Ctrl+Alt, and Steam reading the Ctrl+V and ignoring the Alt. -The MAZZTer
  • In "My Games" Half-Life: Blue Shift is listed as being made by Valve, not Gearbox.
  • When increasing the height the mini games list to the exact height at which the scrollbar goes away, the highlight of the selected game and the horizontal rule beneath the category headers (INSTALLED, NOT INSTALLED) will not lengthen to fill the void of the scrollbar. Resizing the window by any additional amount will resolve the issue.
  • If your steam is on the secondary monitor the menu always display on the primary monitor.
  • In mini-games list, the text sometimes disappears/changes colour to the same colour as the background.
  • When I resize the mini-games window to a smaller size, and switch back to full view, the window goes down a little. If it's docked to the start menu, the text parts of the big buttons will be under it.
  • Game names won't appear in the minigames list if the Default Window (the one that opens when starting steam) isn't the Games one (this includes the -silent switch). This only happens with the Minigames list. To get it back, you have to close and open the window again.--Mendasp 14:06, 10 Oct 2005 (PDT)
    • I get this too, right after steam launch, if you right click steam icon and select games. --Fishman2066 21:03, 10 Oct 2005 (PDT)See screenshot

Sun October 9th, 2005

  • When you stretch out the mini games list you can see the bottom of the Servers button, Heres an example.
  • The the large My Games list, if you right click and remove all the tabs, you can NOT get them back up again, without restarting steam. Example. To fix, maybie force to always have the Game Name tab, like with the servers? --RabidZombie
  • Game names are missing from the mini game menu after restoreing it from task bar (Wait 5 or so mins and add items to the clock area of the task bar) [1]
  • Launching third party mods with a desktop icon without steam already running doesn't work —AlphaWolf
    • Source games give "this game is not available, try again later" (you have to launch it a second time)
    • HL1 engine games just launch regular HL1 rather than the third party mod you tried to run
    • You must exit steam and make sure it is not running in order to reproduce this bug (try it on natural-selection)
      • Used to get a similar problem (mods always loading HL2, not the selected mod). I have tried hard to reproduce this, after the last beta update, and cannot. Do you still experience this? [Smurf]
        • Yep. The old 2.0 version loads regular HL1 when I run Natural-Selection (an HL1 mod,) but the new 3.0 beta version incorrectly runs HL2. Still though, if I run minerva (an HL2 mod) I get "this game is not available." Remember that this specific bug requires steam to not already be running in order to reproduce it, and in your desktop icon you have to add the -clientbeta betaui parameters, or else it "downgrades" you to the older version which doesn't have this problem at all (you'll see the "updating" dialog, but it isn't an update, rather it is a rollback.) —AlphaWolf
          • Ok, silly me, wasn't using the beta switch in the shortcut, it does indeed still happen "Game unavailable" for Dystopia. Works once steam is started. [Smurf]
            • This bug is still not fixed!
  • Add delete app in context menu
  • Purchase summary dialog has list going off the bottom of the page
  • Purchase summary dialog has "Steam Account" and the account name wrapping when they shouldn't
  • If on the main window you move it so most of it hangs off the screen and then you click View > Switch to mini games list, when it does so, the mini games list appears off the screen. You need to restart Steam to get it back.
  • Double-clicking the edge of a column in the Servers window resizes the column to the minimum width needed for the header to display fully, not for the longest cell in that column to display fully
  • Double-clicking the edge of a column in the My Games window tries to resize the column to the minimum width needed for the longest cell—but it's always about ten pixels (or two characters) too short
  • The "Valve Hardware Survey" dialog seems to be cutting off some text below the main textbox in the screen that shows what information will be submitted.
    • Happened to me too. —Agret
  • More then half of the last game on the list can be covered up by the bottom of the panel before a scrollbar appears.
  • Minimize steam window to shortest possible size. Bottom 1/4 or so of last game in display list is off the edge of the scrollable window when fully scrolled down. A fair amount of what is still visible on the last item is in the drop shadow and somewhat obscured. Mini-games list does not do this, only full list. [Duplicate]
  • Upon completing hardware survey on the "This survey is complete" page, I have an active "Next >" button which does nothing. There is no further step.
  • Uncheck every item in the column display options so there are no items displayed. You can still click and hilight blank rows, plus you are now unable to get the popup menu to show to re-activate columns. See below.
  • Full area of column headings not clickable to get show/hide menu for columns. Try making the window large then only showing a few colums - most of the space on the right is now dead space which doesn't bring up the column menu.
  • Update News window has a fixed size grey background rectangle that does not resize with the window - very messy look when you change window size.
  • Titles that are marked as "unreleased" are shown between released ones, this should be moved to the "not installed" section of the menu or to a new "unreleased titles" section.
  • Open game status dialog for some game. Click on "Delete local game content..." button. New dialog pops up with title "Delete game cache?" but then the title changes to "Untitled" after a fraction of a second.
  • If the mouse is depressed over an unused area of the window, moved over a checkbox, and then released, the checkbox will change states.
    • Same with radio fields.
  • Disk usage for installed games shows up as < none >.
    • Disk usage should also be able to be specified by mods.—ts2do (talk) 20:17, 8 Oct 2005 (PDT)
  • There is no updating stats (downloading speed) in the game's properties window.
  • Removing servers from "History" does not remove them, servers reappear just from reselecting "any game".
  • Text overlap in server browser. [2]
  • my Steam uses 59MB, some people only have 11MB
    • Not enough information provided. "Some people" might have large virtual memory and may run lots of memory-intensive programs, causing parts of Steam memory to be off-loaded into virtual memory, while you have little or no virtual memory or don't run many programs, allowing Windows to keep more in main memory. -The MAZZTer
  • Closing My Games window doesn't free the memory it uses; if minimized, then closed, it is.
    • To extrapolate, simply hitting the "X" in the upper righthand corner of the window will not free up the memory it takes (Which can reach 50 or more MB), however, hitting the "_" to minimize the menu first, and then right clicking on it in the taskbar and selecting "Close" will lower the ammount of memory used.
  • In the new update when you use the mini-game list and you drag it as large as possible you can see a half of the support button. (resolution: 1280x960)
    • I was able to reproduce this on mine too. I didn't have to drag it "as large as possible" I just dragged it a lttile bit. (resolution: 1024x768) —Agret
  • If you doubleclick on a game and your cursor is over where a button appears on any dialogues that get brought up, that button will be pressed. The same thing happens when you doubleclick to resize a column: you will sort the list as well.
  • When looking at update news for a game if you expand then minimize the news as you are reading it since it pushes the size of the page back and forth the scrollbar flicks on and off. When flicking off it has a white strip. It should always be visible. —Agret
  • No third party source mods are loading with the new 10/09/05 gui update. It just says launching then says hl2.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. without even launching at all. -nba1341
  • Launch options are not being saved in the "launch options box"
    • ditto
  • Update news windows sorta float around for a while before you can close them—ts2do (talk) 19:36, 9 Oct 2005 (PDT)
  • In "My Games" list, "Half-Life 2: Lost Cost" shows up as "100% - Ready", but has no right-click menu and won't launch. I can click the "Properties" button while it's highlighted, however, and the dialog says that it's not released (which is true).
  • Third party mods have no "Properties" option when you right click on them for context menu. This means you can't set command line options.
    • You can click the Properties button below the list, but I do agree it should be on the right click menu as well
    • Exactly, not many are going to use the large server list, they will use the smaller one, which doesn't have that option. [Smurf]

Fri October 7th, 2005

  • Internet games tab in serverbrowser is slow with more than 1000 servers in the list.
  • Add a scrollbar in backup wizard when backing up more games than can fit on one page
  • Sometimes clickable menu items always appearing checked
  • Every item in "Update" column turned into "box" symbol. No "news". Unable to recreate. Possibly related to turning colum displays on and off.
  • Some third party mods read "Third-party" as the developer and have no link, others read "[ Third-Party ]" and have a link to from them.
    • It's HL1 engine mods which have the link listed.
  • Some machines show squares when drawing empty columns
  • 'purchasing...' progress dialog doesn't have much room on the bottom
  • no progress moving when installing games( 'creating cache files' )
  • UI style of scrollbar in Backup games is inconsistent with other scrollbars. Scrollable area also is in a squared rather than rounded corner rectangle and missing the drop shadow look of Games list (for example). [Duplicate]
  • If you right click on a third party mod in "My games" and select "Backup game files..." you'll find there are no 3d party mods listed
    • Fixed by removing unsupported 'backup game files...' context menu option from 3rd party mods
  • The context menus for games on the My Games tab display a line even if there's no items below it (see Rag Doll Kung Fu on an account where it's preloaded but not preordered).
  • If you have an out of date video card driver and try to connect to a server via the serverbrowser the command line is incorrect
  • Pause update from context menu, then launch game, context menu then says "Pause update" rather than "Resume update"
  • Loading any sort of game (HL1/2, HL1/2 mods (both valve made and 3rd party), then exiting and then attempt to load a 3rd party mod will result in loading HL2 sp - Steam "thinks" that all mods are HL2 single player (i.e allows you options that are available only to valve games). To be able to play 3rd party mods again you have to exit Steam and run it again.
  • The Day of Defeat: Source icon (white circle/white star) is outdated. Update to the newer icon.
  • Download speed is written as Kb/s, whereas it looks more like KB/s.
  • Third party games may be listed as "Half-Life 2" on shrunken games window. [3]
  • Pre-order now button on preload dialog should minimize the preload dialog, currently hides store
  • Support button changes to minigameslist, after going to mini-games list once
  • Preload Game DoD: Source is not in Gameliste
  • The Store window is not properly detecting what I own. ie: says I own Half Life 2: Demo instead of Half Life 2. I appearently don't own anything except CS, CZ and Codename Gordon. I purchased the Silver package, so it should say I own everything except Rag Doll Kung Fu.
  • "Pause pre-loading" is still visible on the right-click-menu even if the preload is complete. ( test on RDKF )

Features Request

  • Add a filter option to Servers list for servers with or without bots.
  • Please get back the Steam Monitor Window!! I have limited bandwidth & keep a track of the bandwidth used by steam by checking on download history graph!!
    • This is now done. Games->View->Bandwidth Monitor.
  • A smile tool to backup Game Saved files & settings!! I have to manually keep a copy of edited files.
  • Hmm another request!! Can you also add bandwidth controler!! This can help me contol the bandwidth used by steam while it downloads & spare the bandwidth for other programs.... Because of this i oftern keep updates for later light when i am not using PC. Please add simple tools like config your game settings & backing them up along with save files.

I feel that we shouldn't be tracking Steam's updates here anymore.—ts2do (talk) 22:01, 13 Oct 2005 (PDT)

  • Better multi-monitor support
  • working "Windowed" option for source games. (no loss in performance)

Showstopping Bug

Source based games do not work for me and a whole lot of other people. I just did a fresh format and reinstall of xp, dx9c, ati drivers, etc. with no luck, steam just says "loading *game*" and then the loading window goes away to reveal nothing.