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RE: Questions about this game

  1. I am just posting us and our game here because we thought we could attract more attention to our project. I, honestly, do not know how to categorize this, I just used a different game as a template, sorry.
  2. I'm new to Wiki editing, It just... seemed right at the moment.
  3. As of now, yes, The Lies Within I: World is going to be made using the Source SDK, unless we get a better idea. Again, I do not know much about Wiki and categorizing.
  4. See answer 3
  5. That is our policy (which has recently changed). OmegaElheats Entertainment, Ltd. always gives away the first game in any of its' series for free to the end-user.
  6. As of now, this first game will need a copy of HL2 to play. Future games in the series will not, and perhaps use a different engine. And, again, we posted here to generate interest in our project.
  7. No. We are a group of developers. OmegaElheats is mostly directed to people who want more experience, as of something that they would put on their resume for when they join a real company. And, we have no website because of no webmaster, which we also are looking for.

For the notes: our reasons are either listed above or on our ModDB pages.

Everything else you state is either on the ModDB or going to be on our website eventually.

Thanks for your questions.

~Jacob, @staehle 16:54, 23 Feb 2008 (CST)

Questions about this game

I'm sorry if I sound a bit confused, but I'm simply not getting a few (perhaps minor) details:

  1. You state that your product is a game (not a mod), and you seem to have categorized this page under mod-related categories, and then categorized it also under game-related categories. How come? Pedantry aside, I do believe mods are quite different than games, which leads me to my next question.
  2. If it really is a game, why are you using the {{AlphaModSmall}} template? That template states: "This third-party mod for the Source engine is currently in the Alpha Development Stage."
  3. Is your game (as you say) going to be based on the Source Engine? Note that you categorized it under Category:Third Party Source Engine Games, which means your game is based on the Source Engine, which means that you have licensed a copy of the Source Engine, which means you have spent a hefty amount of money to buy said license. See note 1.
  4. If your game is being built on an engine other than the Source Engine, why is the page categorized under Category:Third Party Source Engine Games?
  5. If you are licensing the Source Engine (which I suspect is not the case, because of your statement — see next question), which may cost a few simoleons, how come your product is going to be free?
  6. Your "statement" was that "The Source SDK (and HL2 Req.) is temporary", which means that this product is not intended as a mod for HL2 (we already knew that, I guess), which only leaves the possibility of it being a game. If it's a game, why is it under mod-related categories? May seem like a redundant question, but there's more to it than that: how is it that this has Half-Life 2 and Source written all over it and you say that it is not going to have anything to do with it? Why choose this wiki to place your information then? You do have other sites... When you get to the point where your game "detaches" from HL2 and the Source SDK, will you simply abandon this information on the wiki (see note 2)? All of this is information that you can easily lay out for other users and visitors (I'm assuming that your project plans and goals are already internally laid out, of course).
  7. Lastly, is OmegaElheats Entertainment, Ltd. registered a company (because of the Ltd.)? Or is it just a group of people that have joined up to develop games? I'm only asking this because you make it seem that you are a business company yet you seem, in my honest opinion, slightly unprofessional about it (no website, no proper information about yourselves, "Help Wanted" on a gaming wiki...).

  • Note 1: I'm sure you know this, but by definition a "Third Party Source Engine Game" is a game that uses the Source Engine and is based on non-Valve property (independently of whether the game is free or commercial, in my opinion, even if that category states that it is for commercial games, and yours is free). Also by definition, a mod is a set of modifications and additional content to a currently existing game, which means that no part of said game's engine is touched or modified in any way. Quick example: when you build a mod, you don't have to worry how it is going to interpret your BSP map files, because that is already done by the game engine, which you don't have access nor permission to modify; but if you build a game (which implies building a game engine or modifying an already existing one, with proper permission), you are free to implement any different BSP algorithm or even create a completely different map format, with completely distinct properties and specifications.

Please provide more information about yourselves, about what engine the game is being built for, about what your plans are with the game, etc... And please fix those categories? :)

And don't see this is a mindless rant aimed at discouraging you. On the contrary, take it as an opportunity to improve yourselves, and provide more and more precise information about your projects (which especially important if you are, or aim to, working in the game industry!).

Sorry if I sounded rude or anything. Cheers and best of luck on your projects! --Etset 04:39, 8 Feb 2008 (PST)