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Door Frame

Does anyone know the best way of making a door frame for the round portal doors? If so it would be great to see it in here.

The best way is to use one of the instances which already has a door frame. If you want to do it yourself, open up one of them in Hammer to see how they did it. (It's done with a bunch of triangular func_detail brushes.) Zompist 04:34, 5 June 2011 (UTC)

Manual Creation

I hate that in all the Portal 2 tutorials, the tutorial is: "use the instance". I can figure that out on my own, I'm reading tutorials to better understand Hammer and it's capabilities, so an instance doesn't teach me that. However, if someone would take his time to also write a manual creation off the door (and not just the simple prop) with how to make sure the area-portals works, so that further tweaks might be added I would be greatful, and I'm sure a lot of more people would be too.

Also, could someone explain why the instance doesn't use the prop_testchamber_door, but uses two brushes with the door face on them?

--Mr. P. Kiwi 22:31, 26 August 2011 (PDT)

It's better to use the simplest method. Instances are there to make mapping easier. But in this case, don't use the instance, it's mucked up and seems to be the portal-door that Valve used to lay out the levels before they completed them, which they then replaced with proper ones when they were done. Even the door-frame instances have solid walls stopping you from moving through the door frame, meaning you have to modify it. And for your second statement: unless we're looking at different instances, the instance uses the prop_linked_testchamber_door, which is, as I said, the portal-door. --Anotheruser67 20:10, 3 March 2012 (PST)