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Without declaring a value, my Garry's Mod server put a default value of "8" on this. Either the values need to be updated, or my server is worse off than I thought... :-) -Kraethor

I have declared values as low at -3e38 and as high as 3e38 personally and had them work. In the past week on TF2 even. They act FREAKY at those levels, but they work.

I should probably clarify, even.

Any value above the mod default (4 in most, but 8 in Garry's Mod apparently) makes physics objects on the ground slow down faster, and can reduce the ground-travel speed of players.

Any value below the mod default but greater than 0 makes things slow down less quickly.

At 0 things don't slow down due to friction at all.

Below 0 things actually speed UP to their max speed.

This is a problem with noclipped individuals and free-roaming spectators, who appear to use the friction value for slowing down/stopping despite not being on the ground. I have crashed my server with a negative friction and noclip active before.

At -3e38 everyone got sucked, so it seemed, to the 0,0 x/y coordinates at whatever height they were at the instant they moved on a surface. Regardless of geometry in the middle, or even at that point.

Cmptrwz 02:55, 14 August 2009 (UTC)