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i tried all the listed steps to update firmware for the base stations but every time it says that i should make the update again.

the steps i made were:

   Connect the base station over USB to a USB 2 port in your computer. A micro-usb cable is required.
   Make sure that the cable is fully inserted in the plug of the base station. The housing might prevent the needed close connection
   Power on while pushing the Mode button to get the drive "CRP DISABLD". This may require multiple attempts.
   Find the 'lighthouse_tx' firmware directory in your OpenVR Runtime directory. For example: C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\SteamVR\tools\lighthouse\firmware\lighthouse_tx
   Select the appropriate file, suitable for your basestation model. For those with the development edition "Robin" basestations, use lighthouse_tx_robin.bin
   Delete the firmware.bin on the "CRP DISABLD" drive (you must do this, or the next step won't work)
   Drag the ".bin" file onto the drive (or, copy + paste)
   Power cycle the basestation to complete installation. USB is not required during reboot.

If you repeat the process, you will see firmware.bin with a fixed size and fixed timestamp.

can anyone tell me what i miss here because the update is not yet done and iam very frustrated.



files seem to be missing or not included in current steam vr betas ? any help would be nice here