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I'm trying to make a ValveBiped. First I couldn't find CharacterStudioGuide.emdl, but I found ValveCharacterGuide.emdl, guessing this should work as a guide. Next I couldn't find CreateRigBatchScript.vbs, ValveBipedFromGuide.vbs, ValveRigFromIsnerRig.vbs in my addon/valvesource directory. Where can I get these files? Or am I missing something? - N-neko

assuming you were looking at the info Here. this info was written pre-XSI mod tool, and doesnt apply if you're using the XSI mod tool. Everything you need should be included in the Mod Tool (so sorry, will fixup that page to clarify). i assume you got the ValveBiped rig creation working as i saw you posted a link to Dominic's tutorial from the xsi page. are you still having any issues?--JacobNicholson 23:36, 24 Jul 2005 (PDT)
Thanks for your reply. I discovered what I missed: Character menu in ValveSource Toolbar! There are "Biped Guide" and "Create Rig From Guide" - they are what I wanted. Though there are several "Cycle Created" notice dialog popups when I use "Create Rig From Guide," so far I think it works OK for me. It created a new ValveBiped, and I could see bones properly in HLMV. N-neko
the "Cycle Created" messages can be safely ignored. --JacobNicholson 18:34, 25 Jul 2005 (PDT)
I see. Thanks again! N-neko

Custom skeleton build with custom bones?

This article does not describe how to create a custom rig for a custom character, like, how to make something other than a biped character. I'd like to know how I can implement a 100% custom skeleton build into the source engine. --Pandaboy 02:36, 9 November 2011 (PST)