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There used to be a lengthy discussion here, but this is a summary conclusion (so you don't have to waste your time reading through all of mine confusion):

If you want to make a sentence out of radio chatter, and don't want to use a whole scene when there are no actors present or the only actors are combine (who doesn't have any visible lips to lipsynch anyway), or don't want to go through the process of turning all of the samples into soundscripts so that faceposer can even find them, you can achieve this by adding the (raw) samples sequence you wish to play into the sentences.txt file (normally located in the source engine.gcf file under hl2/scripts/, so I guess you'll have to make your own sentences.txt file) and then using an ambient_generic to play this script instead of a normal sample. (See the flare ambush at the end of Nova Prospekt for an example of disembodied radio chatter.)

Here is some off-wiki documentation on faceposer, Jupix: Creating Your First Faceposer Scene

--Andreasen 01:31, 2 Apr 2006 (PST)

Um, I need help. I decided to use Hammer 3.5 to make a MOD, because My version of steam WILL NOT COOPERATE AND UPDATE, and, everytime I try to use this, I fail. Could someone PLEASE give me a tutorial that works, and either give me the link, or paste it on my talk page? And, can Monster-Generics use these? Thanks in advance to whoever answers me. --JeffMOD 11:37, 10 Jul 2008 (PDT)

I'd like to know this as well. Never mind that ambient_generic works - is this entity deprecated somehow? --MossyBucket (formerly Andreasen) 06:18, 22 February 2011 (UTC)