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I've been looking to recreate the opening tram sequence in half life using SFM. However, if one shot is facing where the next map should be, it doesn't render that map until SFM reaches the corresponding shot for it. It just render a black area until then. Is there a way around this without having to edit the map together? I don't think Hammer will let it go out far enough, what with it's limited usable space. Even if that really isn't the case, I don't think my computer could handle that much at once inside SFM.

I could make it so that the camera looks away when it comes to those areas, but that would rule out some shots that I want to do.

Maybe make them in sequences and put them together with a video editor. - MarcoPixel

I recently delved back into this topic, so here I am again

I noticed that many of valve's single/coop maps have a single area(loading screen) that is a direct copy from the previous map. Change the map in those sections.