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Notes (If I remember, I'll work these into the page.)

  • WAV should be 44100 16-bit mono (32-bit does not work; unknown what other settings work)
  • The WAVs must be in <moddir>/sound or a subdirectory; otherwise the extraction will fail (it creates an invalid path)

Maven (talk) 17:28, 3 Nov 2005 (PST)

LIPSinc Speech API

Apparently, You can use the API that Valve uses IF you have the LIPSinc_data folder, I won't say how I procured this enigmatic data, but lets just say it doesn't matter since LIPSinc has since disappeared from the face of the Earth, Lets just say Valve really did use this in the development of Half-Life 2,

It is fast, More accurate than the Microsoft Speech API, And works without crashes,

When you get the LIPSinc_data folder (I'm not telling you how, It would be wrong) Make another bin folder in the bin folder and place the LIPSinc_data folder into said bin folder, Then, load up FacePoser and switch the Speech API to LIPSinc Speech API.

From that point you can extract phonemes with ease. Unsigned comment added by FantomeZanto (talkcontribs). Please use four tildes (~~~~) to sign your username.