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Можно ли конвертировать формат vmf в p2c? Осталась карта, сделанная в редакторе карт игры, но утерян файл p2c, а заново создавать в игре карту не хотелось бы... Хаммер пока слишком сложный для меня, я декомпилировал карту bsp в формат vmf, но игровой редактор карт его не видит... я попытался переименовать расширение файла в p2c, но игра закрывается при попытке открыть редактор карт.

Is it possible to convert vmf in p2c? Left a map made in the map editor of the game, but lost the p2c file, and re-create the game map would not be desirable... hammer is too difficult for me, I decompiled the bsp map to vmf format, but the map editor does not see it... I tried to rename the file extension in the p2c, but the game closes when i try to open the map editor.

No, it's not practically possible to remake it, especially with a decompiled VMF. It's simplest to take lots of screenshots of your map, and recreate it from that. Or the Hammer view if you can use that. You won't be able to publish it on top of the previous map unfortunately without figuring out the correct file IDs. TeamSpen210 (talk) 02:32, 4 April 2017 (UTC)