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The page had no useful content, so I added some: an article I'd written originally for but now choose to place at a more official wiki. It predates the wikification of Valve's SDK docs (eg, Optimizing and Checking Your Map) so it might be reasonable to do some merging. Maven 07:47, 13 Sep 2005 (PDT)

re: Program Optimisation For Mod DLL's

This article is for map optimisation. Isn't there a code equivalent where that can go? --TomEdwards 00:23, 24 May 2006 (PDT)

Whoa! compiling is not very nice.. The compiling eats here at the end 650mb of my memory and compiling takes forever.... And maybe move it to Pre-publication_evaluation --dutchmega 08:35, 24 May 2006 (PDT)
Well.. I can't even compile server with it... takes 1200mb of memory... lol! --dutchmega 08:42, 24 May 2006 (PDT)

Optimisation articles need work

Map optimisation is a mess on VDC. I've found these pages all talking about the same thing:

There's at least some unique content on each page, but most still overlap dreadfully. They need to be condensed (optimised, you might say...) into a single location (though not necessarily article).

Here are my thought on a structure for this document, that would be found at this URL:

   * Visibility
         o Visleaves
               + Leaks
               + glview/mat_leafvis/OB Hammer leaf view
               + func_detail
               + func_viscluster
         o Hints
         o Areaportals
         o Occluders
   * Rendering
         o Lightmap scale
         o Dynamic light
         o Fade distances
         o Overdraw
         o Models in water
   * Physics
         o Start asleep and hammer_updateent
         o Debris

Any further suggestions? --TomEdwards 00:29, 1 Sep 2008 (PDT)

I wrote the most consulted french version of optimization guides [1], I believe you can borrow some ideas from my own structuration. Here is a translated version of the plan, and no, I'm not going to translate the guide in english. I believe you guys already have zombie's version [2]. --NykO18 01:49, 1 Sep 2008 (PDT)

   * Introduction
   * I. Compilation : how and why
         o 1. BSP
         o 2. VIS
         o 3. RAD
         o 4. Compile time
   * II. Optimization methods
         o 1. Cutting the map
               + A. Using VIS only
               + B. Using VIS and hints
                     # a. Example 1
                     # b. Example 2
                     # c. Example 3
               + C. Using VIS and invisible walls (nodraw)
               + D. How to see through the compilator's eyes
               + Func_viscluster
         o 2. Saving polygons
               + A. Cylinders and arches
               + B. The Carve and Hollow functions
                     # a. Carve
                     # b. Hollow
               + C. Func_detail
               + D. Nodraw texture
               + E. Texturing in general
               + F. Hammer's grid
         o 3. Controlling visibility
               + A. Func_occluder
               + B. Func_areaportal
                     # a. With a door
                     # b. Without a door
                     # c. Areaportal brush doesn't touch two areas?
                     # d. Caution
                     # e. A few console commands
               + C. Func_areaportalwindow
         o 4. Other methods
               + A. Func_lod
               + B. Props and physics
               + C. Lightmap
               + D. Displacements
               + E. Prop_detail_sprites
               + F. Light_dynamic
               + H. Blocklight texture
               + H. Brush overlap : avoid it
               + I. Water : the FPS eater
               + J. Start/End Fade Pixels
               + K. When everything else failed: env_fog_controller
   * III. Understanding optimization in-game
         o 1. +showbudget
               + A. Access
               + B. Meaning
               + C. Bind it to a key
               + D. Caution
         o 2. Console commands
   * Conclusion
Thanks, there's some stuff I missed there. I've posted a draft of the article here. --TomEdwards 04:14, 1 Sep 2008 (PDT)