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The game crashes and refuses to be restarted everytime I use the "extractbugbait" input. --Darthkillyou 20:36, 8 Jul 2007 (PDT)

Do you pass in a proper target?—ts2do 20:52, 8 Jul 2007 (PDT)
I'll check...
Hmm... what kind of target do you need?--Darthkillyou 14:03, 9 Jul 2007 (PDT)

Making this an enemy?

Anyone know how to make the npc vorts. an enemy of the player?? (without code) --Craziestdan 10:03, 1 Jan 2009 (PST)

Use an AI relationship to set the relationship, make sure to have 2, one to set the relationship for the player, and one to set it for the npc. Solokiller 10:16, 1 Jan 2009 (PST)
Cool, thanks a ton :) --Craziestdan 10:32, 1 Jan 2009 (PST)
Ok, a bit of a problem, I got it working, but I can't shoot/kill a vort. They won't tak damage from me... Any suggestions? --Craziestdan 11:09, 1 Jan 2009 (PST)
That's odd, when i tried it i could kill vortiguants. Anyway, it looks like you can go with just one AI_relationship, there's a keyvalue that mirrors the "feelings" for both sides. Try experimenting with the settings a bit. Solokiller 04:05, 2 Jan 2009 (PST)