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It appears that SetPenetrationDepth <float> is disabled, as it never works in game. In the code (npc_combinegunship.cpp) it is as follows:

 01468 //-----------------------------------------------------------------------------
 01469 // Purpose: Change the depth that gunship bullets can penetrate through solids
 01470 //-----------------------------------------------------------------------------
 01471 void CNPC_CombineGunship::InputSetPenetrationDepth( inputdata_t &inputdata )
 01472 {
 01473         m_flPenetrationDepth = inputdata.value.Float();
 01474 }

Which looks okay, but for some reason this never works. Additionally in maps which use Gunships in HL2, this property is never adjusted (or turned off), suggesting that it never worked. (For example, if this was on, at the default value of 24, you might find that hiding in the metal shed under the railway bridge in the Coast chapter would be a bit sticky, but the corrugated tin was readily combine cannon proof, indicating that the penetration code is turned off).

Source: [1]

Can anyone shed any light on this issue? Is the penetration code turned off? Is there a way of turning it back on? ---Fitzroy doll 03:36, 28 Nov 2006 (PST)