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It would be nice if someone could add descriptions for all the sites.

Also, I added in this edit.

Merge Discussion

No, this is obviously not related to the other list. Instead of focusing on where to get further information on modding, these listed websites have frequent visitors. That's not directly interesting to people who want to learn about modding itself here at the VDC, but if someone is looking for sites where his mod should be advertised, this list is very useful. --Vaarscha 04:31, 24 Mar 2006 (PST)

If something was going to get merged into the Community Portal, perhaps it would be more appropriate to merge the whole Category:Publicity & Publication? Giles 05:39, 24 Mar 2006 (PST)

I think it would be a good addition to the community portal to merge these two together. Modders need these fan sites to gain publicity (an essential part of the mod process) for their mods. These sites are of general interest for everyone who visits the Valve Developer Community, and I think it would be good to have these sites easily accesable (spelling?) to the public. After all, we have all these other tools listed in the community portal which are aimed at making a mod sucsessful (sp?), aren't these sites just another one of those tools? --BurningSkies


Maybe we can add the way how mod teams can submit their news to these sites, e.g. mail address, submit-news form. --Vaarscha 04:31, 24 Mar 2006 (PST)

Added on main portal

I added a section in the level design portal that has external links with this article in it.

Merge with General Sites

Isn't it better to merge this with General Sites? It's basically the same thing. --dutchmega 10:23, 29 Aug 2006 (PDT)

General Sites is a catchall that I'd kinda rather didn't exist, over the long term. I made it because it was looking tricky trying to decide which site best fitted which slots. A "News Sites" page, or subtitle on this page seems a good idea. It could probably do with renaming to something other than "Fan Site" too. --Giles 10:33, 29 Aug 2006 (PDT)