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I found this tutorial messy and unclear. I fixed a lot of mistakes, but gave up at the end, and I'm of the opinion that it could be clearer, cleaner, and just generally less oppressive and messy. Perhaps images would help...or just rewriting it all together. --vgxmaster

The following tags shouldn't be in quotes when pasted into your gameinfo.txt file:

The example they use

       "developer" 		"noob industries"
       "developer_url" 	""
       "icon" "resource\GameIconSteam\icon_mymod"

Should actually be:

       developer 		"noob industries"
       developer_url 	        ""
       icon                    "resource\GameIconSteam\icon_mymod"

--Rvaldes63 15:34, 24 December 2012 (PST)