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Issue while debugging

I never got my mod (unmodified...) to work under vs2010 (even after all the changes related to vs2008 and vs2010 in the project). Everything gets compiled alright, including the linker and the custom build step, but when the game seems to start launching I get a memory violation access error (like 0xcccc... or 0x0000...).

Here are my launch options : hl2.exe in ep2 folder Game in steamapps\sourcemode\mod2

The mod was created with SourceSDK while the options selected were "Half Life 2 episode 2" and "Source 2007" (which correspond to the gameinfo in the folder).

Do you have any idea where the issue comes from?

Episode Two is Source 2009 now. Use Source SDK Base 2007 (appid 218) and see if it still crashes. --TomEdwards 16:59, 28 October 2010 (UTC)
-It's working now. Thanks !