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I have a problem here, when I test my item ingame it removes the Scout's feet 2011101700015.jpg

Launch problem

Whenever I launch itemtest, it just gives me two perfectly black boxes. It's a little annoying, and I have no idea how to fix it...


Itemtest is completely broken after Steampipe update--Gatelych83 (talk) 21:04, 19 February 2018 (UTC)

...without tf2?

This is a TF2-only tool, correct? Exactly how would you even be able to run this without tf2? (It won't even run for me WITH tf2 installed.) How could this then go on to affect an entirely different mod, on an entirely different version of Source, in an entirely different common/ folder? Much less, only affect something as trivial as the flashlight? Sounds quite dubious. Pinsplash (talk) 21:01, 24 May 2018 (UTC)