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The entity description for this entry needs fleshing out to be complete.

In particular, the order in which it chooses what to spawn, if it has multiple options, needs to be verified, and some further investigation would be helpful to clarify under what other criteria the entity will refuse to spawn something.

For example, if you put an item_healthkit nearby, get damaged to 90hp and then attempt to spawn an item_dynamic_resupply set to DesiredHealth 1 (using, say, a point_template), nothing will be spawned, because the healthkit that already exists could get you up to the correct health. But if you get damaged to, say, 60hp, it will spawn a new healthkit, because the pre-existing healthkit isn't enough to get you up to 100hp.

So what does "nearby" mean? In the same map? Within a certain radius? If there is a valid line of sight between the entities?

Giles 11:40, 9 Mar 2006 (PST)

Percentage of maximum or of standard ammo clip?

I looked at the "newgame spawnitems all" prefab which uses dynamic_resupplies to give the player a default ammo loadout on spawn. It uses 3 dynamic resupplies with all DesiredAmmo values set to "1". That doesn't fill up ammo, though, but rather seems to give 3 clips of ammo for each type. Maybe it uses some other settings or I didn't really get what's going on... but the "percentage of his max ammo carrying capacity" explanation doesn't seem to be accurate. It wouldn't make much sense to have 3 dynamic resupplies here, either, if it really gave max ammo...