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Not working

I tried this and it isn't working : ( CSS guns are important to my mod too : (

nevermind, this tutorial is out-of-date, you don't need to decompile...

just find the guns in models and material/models folders and put them in your mod directory.

and edit the script file in yourmod/script



You can easily import CS:S weapons without decompiling them. However, this article does show how to translate the weapons to the right hand. I can't get the muzzle fire to work though. I assume decompiling it would be the solution, however, Canonfodder's decompiler no longer works for me.



I was the original author of this thing back in 2005 I believe, it was very out of date (I think the last update I did was in 2007?) so I've gone through and updated it for the 2013 SDK.

Removed a lot of the chaff and gave it a general tidy up.


The viewhands are not textured correctly

The viewhands on the skin I used are not textured correctly (Purple and black chequered pattern)... I'm not sure if this is because I don't have CS:S purchased. If there is any way of me getting around this without me having to spend money on CS:S

Unfinished or useless tutorial?

This article sounds like it's meant to be a tutorial on how to import CS:S weapons into HL2/an HL2 mod judging by the title, but doesn't show any of that. All it says is how to get muzzleflashes and a model working for a weapon that this tutorial says nothing about making.

I'm trying to recreate actual working, shooting CS:S weapons in a singleplayer Source SDK 2013 mod. Or rather, make any weapon at all, since every tutorial i've come across is for a different version of the engine or doesn't work at all. It seems like this article is extremely misleading/poorly written/unfinished, unless you have any idea how to do that.

Greenhourglass (talk) 00:08, 8 October 2016 (UTC)