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I do know that you have to add something to the gameinfo.txt file. It would be nice to know what exactly to add to the file and where to add it. G.I. Jimbo

->Took care of it. G.I. Jimbo

Icon Size

Seems as the Eye of the Storm mod managed to create an icon larger than 16x16 which resulted in some odd results on Steam. [1]

The new Steam layout kind of screws with icons. The icons are shown in the info view next to the mod name. The 16x16 icons seem quite inadequate like that. You can use 32x32 icons, but when icons by names is turned on, this gives odd effects. [2] --SkyNinja 03:29, 7 May 2010 (UTC)

gameinfo Location

Put your icon in the resource folder of your mod and put the icon line as shown here: "GameInfo" { // bla bla bla game "steam name" title "title ingame" type singleplayer_only

hasportals 1

developer "developer of the mod" developer_url website icon "resource/NAME OF THE ICON"