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When I used one of these to change the textures on a func_brush, it also affected non-entity (and func_detail) brushes with the same textures. Strangely though -- the change wasn't instant like on the func_brushes, but rather was delayed by a few seconds.

Making the other brushes a func_brush with no name and no other changes solved the problem. --Dewin 21:44, 10 Jan 2008 (PST)

Frame Limit

Though an animated .vtf with over 256 frames will work with the "AnimatedTexture" proxy, it seems that env_texturetoggle can only take $frame values up to 255. Anything higher and it will loop back to the first frame even if "toggleShouldWrap" is set to 0. I am attempting to make an animated dance floor that uses a scaled up 16x16 animation with point-sampling, so having around 4000 frames is necessary in order to have an entire song animated. Plus it needs to be synchronized to the song, so the ability to start the animation on command is necessary as well.

Using the MaterialModify proxy, I was able to set $frame to any number. Setting $frame to a number higher than the number of frames in the actual texture crashes the game.--Da-xm 19:04, 28 June 2014 (UTC)