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Use in Multiplayer

I suspected these GUI Entities might not work properly (straight out of the box) in Multiplayer games. I've seen mp mods where at least some of them only affect the player who activates them, so I guess a little Mod code modification would fix the others. --Beeswax 17:50, 14 Apr 2008 (PDT)

U Can't modify code when u makin' a map 4 valve game... --FaTony 04:45, 15 Apr 2008 (PDT)

Some Of those do work in game on multiplayer just not all of them.

Custom env_screenoverlay

I can not create a custom one I have gotten the black boxes to become transparent in the black and purple missing texture to happen and thats it and I tried using my own custom materials and tried to make the image work but I can not get the unused flag check that I need to for it to work can anyone tell me how to make a custom material that will work for this that is not a cc.