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Does not instantly kill the player?

Where do you got that from? The only Discouragement Field in Portal 2 instantly kills the player by dealing 500 damage per second. --Barracuda 01:17, 26 August 2011 (PDT)

I agree, the Discouragement Field Kills that player instantly on touch; Changed page to reflect this --psn_sega651 15:19, November 30th 2011 (Zulu)

If instance downloads go down again for this page

If the download Links go down again for the death field instances let me know & I can upload the ones linked to here as I have them downloaded as of today when the links started working again. --psn_sega651 15:12, November 30 2011 (Zulu)

Files to download no longer available.

The two files mentioned in the first paragraph (death_field_128x128.vmf and death_field_256x256.vmf) appear to be no longer available. I've looked for them elsewhere and can't find them. Not sure if they're still needed or not, but their mention here is outdated.