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Why I created this

Now I noticed after I Came back from my trip that this page is up for speedy deletion, here is why I made it. It started when after trying to import textures created by VTFEdit version 1.2.5 (which is what you download if you follow the link on the VTFEdit page) Then I created a snow texture exactly the way version 1.2.5 created it along with the VMT. Placed it into a material folder in portal 2 files and tried to open the portal 2 authoring tools beta, and never even opened I would just see the startup picture then close down and when it did open it shut down as soon as the texture browser tried to open it, so I deleted it and it worked fine. Then I tried it with 4 different pictures each different and it still didn't work. So I went in with this and extracted all of portal 2 files. after that what I found is that the texture files are weird, when I tried to open the VTF files it read an error saying VTF version 4.5 is not 4.1-4.4 and cannot open. so I did some digging and downloaded VTFEdit version 4.3.3 and it was compatible with verison 4.5, but even with this my custom textures didn't work in portal 2 authoring tools so I went back to the ACTUAL PORTAL 2 FILES AND FOUND THAT THE VMT'S WERE DIFFERENT THAN WHAT VTFEdit WAS MAKING. so in order to prevent anyone else from running into this prombelm I created this page. PLUS GUESS WHAT? THE INFO ON MY PAGE IS ABOUT HOW TO OPTIMIZE IT FOR PORTAL 2 AUTHORING TOOLS OKAY! BUT IF YOU WANT TO HOLD BACK THE MODDING COMMUNITY BY PREVENTING US BY MAKING CUSTOM TEXTURES FINE BY ME, I'LL BE JUST FINE *******************!!!Unsigned comment added by Jamesbrown (talkcontribs). Please use four tildes (~~~~) to sign your username.

I have no doubt that everything you said happened, but that does not mean that every minute difference you found is critical to the tools and engine working correctly. Before flagging this page up I made a material that broke every one of your rules, just to be sure, and it worked perfectly: whatever the cause of your problem was you haven't come anywhere close to isolating it. There are also many other errors in this article, not least the seemingly random version numbers you've come up with (VTF versions actually range from 7.2 to 7.5, and the latest VTFEdit build is 1.3.2).
I'm sorry that this has upset you, but misinformation on such a popular topic does nobody any good. --Artfunkel 01:51, 7 August 2011 (PDT)
I am sorry that you still don't understand, I did brake one of my rules and it didn't work for me, and again GO INTO THE PORTAL 2 FILES and you will see that my rules DO APPLY. VALVE DID CHANGE THE ENGINE IN THE 4 YEARS BETWEEN THE ORANGE BOX AND PORTAL 2. so you still are going to be insistant that I am wrong than go and please find something better to do with you're time because it is wasted, and until you go into the portal 2 files and see for yourslef, you will continue to be a troll spouting useless noise with no credibility. NOW GO LOOK AT PORTAL 2 TEXTURE FILES, NOW!Unsigned comment added by Jamesbrown (talkcontribs). Please use four tildes (~~~~) to sign your username.

I fixed it

So I verified all this off a fresh install of the Portal 2 Beta Authoring Tools. Some of it was right, some of it wasn't. So I've updated this page to correct the errors. Once I'm used to editing these pages a bit more I'll clean it up so it's more readable. frost0fractal

K, so I cleaned it up, learned about the POV thing and fixed that. frost0fractal