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Oddly enough the other Holt and I are not related :^) --Holtt 09:57, 17 Feb 2006 (PST)

Writing Value instead of Valve is a great. Please don't edit that as it is an official advertising text. Readers can make up their own opinion based on that... --Vaarscha 06:31, 10 Mar 2006 (PST)

Found this the other day. --Binxtrone 12:27, 20 Oct 2006 (PDT)

Talk about vaporware, geez!

Raising the Bar?

I realize it's not in any way a modding book, but it may be worth noting because of the fact that many people make mods based after Half-Life 2. The aspects discussed in Raising the Bar may be useful in coming up with concepts for a mod. I'm gonna leave it open to debate rather than choose to add it myself.--Katana314 15:33, 15 Jan 2007 (PST)

I can't think of many mods right now that manipulate Valve's world to the degree that Raising the Bar would be useful (and I've worked on most of them now!), but on the other hand, perhaps including it would create interest. Seeing as it isn't a particularly long list right now, I think I'm veering towards adding it. --TomEdwards 02:50, 16 Jan 2007 (PST)
The article is called Books, so a book related to Half-Life 2's development process (and Source in general) would probably be right at home here. --RF 05:19, 29 Jan 2007 (PST)

HL2 for Dummies

If this book is deemed useless as we have access to this site, then why is is listed on this site? seems a bit pointless to me. Remove it? --Grosie 08:01, 19 Jul 2008 (PDT)

The existence of this site does not negate the existence of the book, do not remove it. Solokiller 11:28, 17 Aug 2008 (PDT)