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First section cleaned up. Other sections will be adjusted soon. Some information may be removed and new ideas may be included. Also, some articles may be moved to HDR Lighting Basics because they're not really examples or guidelines for advanced HDR usage.

This page needs some major cleanup. If no one else does it after a while I will do it myself.

First, I'm really not sure if you can even call this advanced information. If HDR Lighting Basics is general knowledge about the feature, then it should go on the HDR page. Maybe this page should be repurposed for how to apply HDR.

What is HDR?

The police won't knock at your door for placing some information before the table of contents, people. Also, shouldn't anyone viewing the ADVANCED page already know what HDR is?

The Lost Coast images should probably be put in gallery tags to save space, and give that whole section a once over for redundancy. The Undue Alarm images from HL2EP1 are also put in rather sloppily with the 4 images before it and a lot of blank space is sitting there, making people have to scroll more. Those two images aren't very effective, by the way. The only difference I see is that it made the sun look smaller.

Creating a HDR map

This looks fine.

Running a HDR map

Also looks fine.

HDR effects

What. The Hell. The intro sentence isn't really needed, I don't really think anyone needs to be told that both valve and community mappers know how to light.

Sprite glow: "Env_sprite used to be for just lights." Hello!? this is a page about lighting! The entire thing about multiplying the amount of light coming from light sources is just awful. Lights don't look like that! The last picture looks like you're about to be vaporized!

Texture lighting: "Another one of a HDR tech is mainly using textures that support or give off ambient light." what does this mean? yes, there are textures that are programmed to spawn lights at compile time, but that isn't even specifically related to HDR, it's just a lighting method that can take advantage of the effects of HDR, just like ALL lights can. Again, with the citadel picture, looks like you're about to vaporized.

Prop lighting: Really? Making actual lighting without using light entities? That's news to me! Give an example of whatever the hell is being talked about here.

Final note: There should really be a section or something to tell people to not go overboard like Valve does in the Half-Life 2 games. Look at the Lost Coast screenshots again, and then go look outside. It's a hot Texas summer day here, and I can tell you the sky at no point looks like it's pure white.

Pinsplash (talk) 21:56, 21 June 2018 (UTC)