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Sweet Half-Life (or SHL, for short) is a single player science fiction and Manga (Japanese animation)-based Mod of Valve's first-person shooter Half-Life. It was created by Marc Ellis (original mod concept), along with Koumei Satou (maps and general direction), Gareth Lough (coding and modeling), Karu_gamo (modeling), Steven k. Headley (voice acting) and Amit katz (in-game texts).


Taking place during the same time line as Half-Life, the player is Gordon McGinley, the Black Mesa warehouse manager. When the resonance cascade occurs, McGinley must find a way to escape Black Mesa alive.

It starts as any other day for Gordon McGinley, until a sudden and violent shaking occurs that throws the entire base into chaos. Gordon dons an H.E.V. suit, and joins fellow scientists in ridding Black Mesa of the invading Xen aliens, the Hazardous Environment Combat Unit, and a new, unknown alien species (they look like the stereotypical "grey" aliens). The game ends with McGinley stalking the ever-elusive G-Man on board a tram, similar to the one used in the original Half-Life ending.


  • Several moments in the mod are either parodies and-or homages to the 1950's Sci-Fi movie popularity boom.


  • New Weapons
  • New Enemies
  • New Music & Sounds
  • Two paths to complete the game, along with two different bosses.
  • Completely original maps, created by Koumei Satou.


  • This mod cannot be run with the high definition pack installed. (The game will freeze.)


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