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Suicide Survival is a Mod of Half-Life 2 Deathmatch.

There are two teams so you either play as Survivor or as Suicider.

The goal for Survivors is to stay alive (duh!) and to spot the Suiciders before they can get close enough to you. They have the book “Gardening for Beginners” by Barbara Bush as a self-defence weapon.

The goal for Suiciders is to sneak up close enough to the Survivors so you can blow yourself up. Suiciders play as shrubberies in a map full of shrubberies thus blending in with the enviroment. If they dont move you dont know which one is being played by a player.

The game doesnt have a goal currently other then being simple team deathmatch. However its planned to transform it into a round-based survival with a time limit.


  • the opportunity to play as a pot plant
  • explosions
  • more explosions
  • flying books
  • gardeners who don't really look like gardeners
  • unique gameplay


Once upon a time in a garden in the city.

The pot plants living their daily lives of being watered, pushed around and being cutted into shape. Until one final day. The 28th of November 2008, when one the pot plant treason began. Shaken by years of abuse the potted plants started to blow themself up on totally unexpected visitors who passed by.

The caretakers, also known as gardeners of this mysterious garden, where the only ones left after most visitors had fleed in confused terror. Altough they dont really look like gardeners I assure you they really are. Their only weapon against the rebellious pot plants is the book “Gardening for Beginners” writen by Barbara Bush. Which they trow on the pot plants in order to convince them to give up their false ideologies.


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Gameplay Video

Video of version 1.0:


12.12.2008 Release 1.1 of Suicide Survival

28.11.2008 Release 1.0 of Suicide Survival


Suicide Survival is being delevoped by Tobias Baumann. He is studying Game Design in the 5th semester at the University for Applied Arts and Science in Zurich, Switzerland.

Localized versions

Currently Suicide Survival is only available in English and in Bushianian (the language of pot plants).

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