Room Setup Tool (Alpha Version)

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The previous version of the tool is also available for devs if needed:

  1. First, set up your VR headset and at least 1 controller.
  2. Launch SteamVR.
  3. Browse to SteamVR/tools/room_setup_tool_dev/win64/ and launch.
  4. On your monitor you should see a window displaying the top down 2D view is shown where bounds can be modified with the mouse.
  5. Move the headset and controller to a location where they are all positionally tracked.
  6. Put on the headset and pick the controller.
  7. Press the Menu Button on the controller at any time to place the Main Menu in space.
  8. Use the trigger to press the Reset button on the Main Menu.
  9. Stand in the center of your playspace facing the primary direction while clicking the button to continue.
  10. Drag the floor height node down. (If you set the other controller on the ground it can help for judging the correct floor height.)
  11. Drag the Collision Bounds to the walls, obstructions or edge of tracking zone.
  12. The Play Area is shown in green on the floor. You can move the Tracking Center and Play Area by dragging the blue circle at chest height.
  13. Rotation of the Play Area can be modified with the node at the edge of the blue circle. This also affects the primary facing direction of the tracked space.
  14. Press the Track Pad Button to cycle different Play Area sizes and find the best fit for your space.
  15. Use the Main Menu to Save. It will bring up the menu button prompt if saving was successful.