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This mod for Goldsource is no longer being developed.

What is it?

<Half-Life> Starlabs is a third party, single-player modification for the Half-Life 1 engine. Starlabs parallels Half-Life but places the player 3000 miles away under similar circumstances.

The Starlabs project was cancelled in 2006, but a part of it was released as part of Reissues in 2008.


  • Approximately 12 new playable maps
  • 3 New characters
  • About 30 minutes of custom voice acting
  • A note system with approx. 10 pages of both storyline supporting and misc. notes.


We all know that the government sent in troops to clean up the mess that the incident created, and we all know that the government had prior knowledge of the Xen race. But... how did they find out? Who was the one responsible for finding the alien life forms?

It wasn't just one man, it was an organization. This organization is called Starlabs, short for Star Laboratories. This secret government funded project was created to search the stars for life. You are Carlos Freeman; A Special Research Associate. Meaning: You are the lucky person who gets to wear a special HEV suit and do all the dangerous work.

Today you're up early and heading to work as usual. You take the subway, walk through the streets and sneak into the alley, towards the secret Southern sewer entrance as usual. You slide your card through the machine. As you wait for your card to be authorised, you think for a moment about a test in Nevada that you've heard was scheduled for today. The card reader beeps, and the thought quickly leaves your mind. Nevada's at least a few thousand miles away, and you have work to do here. With a smile, you continue down the alley...

Cancellation and subsequent Reissues release

Starlabs was cancelled after 4 years of development. However, subsequently, four maps were released as part of Reissues, a totally incoherent map pack. These four maps comprised the fourth chapter of Starlabs, titled 'Satellite Trouble'. In these four maps, the player has to explore the deepest part of the Starlabs research facility and create an uplink with Black Mesa in order to send the much needed coordinates, required so that Gordon Freeman can launch the satellite. Specially for the Reissues release, a fourth map created which included a small boss-fight against hordes of marines.

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