Sonata In Silence

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The game

This is a very special game never seen before, we call it "MMOCRPG" (Multi-Massive Online Cinematic Role Playing Game), this means:

  • Multi-Massive: So many people can play at same time and chat.
  • Online: Every client connect to a server database, they can save theirs stats online.
  • Cinematic: This is a movie! not a normal game, each player is an actor in the movie.
  • Role Playing: Each player can choose their own role in the movie, you can be the main character or a third character
  • Game: This is a game too!

The Story


The human time has finished, the sun is stronger and the world is underwater, the plants and animals are evolved and are the owners of the new world, the machines builded by humans are building an empire, and the planet is being invaded for aliens.

But there are few humans who have survived and built small forts on the Himalayas, the world is not theirs anymore, but they don't want die, they want live safe!

Our Team


  • Maka: The programmer, she is working in the game system and server.
  • Steve: The designer, he is working in the 2D Arts and general systems.
  • Mason: The composer, he is working in the ambiental music.

What we need?

  • A C++ programmer.
  • A 3d Model designer

Contact me: [email protected]